Make your waste management process more sustainable with highly profitable Recomill solution.

Waste Management


Potential revenue in the meat production is lost unless by-products are recycled to valuable commodities. We can help you to utilize the by-products in a profitable way.

Efficient waste management is a cornerstone of any society.

Recycling the supply chain by-products to produce high-quality end-products creates additional revenue streams.

The RECOMILL rendering plant processes animal by-products into fat and meat bone meal. These can be sold at the world market or utilized locally in bio fuel production or as animal feed. Adding a tipping fee for accepting the waste, this will increase the profitability of your operations enormously.

We have developed a full service solution for you.

Interested in developing your waste management system even further? Take a look at RECOMILL Ecopark or Case Honkajoki.

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Modular solutions for recycling organic sludges
Total solution for profitable animal by-product recycling.
Professional life cycle services for recycling plants.
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