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Full service for your plant life cycle.

We offer full service package for the life cycle of RECOMILL and other animal by-product rendering plants.
  • 1. Feasibility Study and Pre-engineering for investment phase

    Our feasibility study ensures a suitable scale and model of the rendering plant concept. It shows the strengths and weaknesses of your investment plan. All important factors are considered in the study, such as legal framework, local conditions, environmental aspects, quantity and quality of raw materials and suitable plant technology.

    The cost estimations and profitability analysis are also included, as well as details of technical scope and project implementation. As a result of the study, you’ll know the investment value, operating expenditure, pay-back time and total feasibility of the investment.

  • 2. Financing

    We provide advisory services for investment financing as part of our feasibility study. We can help with the financing plan, defining the equity / debt requirements and producing technical and profitability documentation for the financial institutions. We can even arrange negotiations with local and international banks and other financial institutions.

  • 3. Design & Engineering

    We offer complete plants on an EPC basis or process equipment and services tailored to meet clients’ needs. We’ll lead the plant commissioning and train the staff to operate the plant in the best possible way. Additionally, our own maintenance team provides services throughout the plant life cycle.

    RECOMILL has its own reference plant in Finland, where processes have been fine-tuned and end-products rendered for more than 50 years. We welcome visitors to one of the most efficient rendering plants in the world and also use it as a training centre for plant operators.

  • 4. Advisor & Training

    RECOMILL’s own plant at Honkajoki has separate production lines for different livestock. Customers can familiarize themselves with exactly their type of production and operators can gain first-hand experience with similar equipment they’ll have.


    • Operator and maintenance training
    • Creating of maintenance plan
    • Usage optimization and condition surveys
    • Commissioning
    • Troubleshooting
  • 5. Commissioning of the plant and customer technical support

    Commissioning is always a part of our EPC delivery and services. This way we can ensure that the RECOMILL plant will operate efficiently and that the customer gets the most out of their investment. Commissioning is always carried out by our professional staff and it is followed by a trial run, during which the local operators are trained. RECOMILL’s technical support lasts throughout the plant life cycle.

  • 6. Remote monitoring and support for plant operation

    All RECOMILL plants are connected to our central control for on-time remote monitoring. This enables us to have an up-to-date understanding of the operation and challenges of your plant. We can suggest preventive maintenance procedures, troubleshoot the system or offer technical and operational support. Remote monitoring ensures that your plant operates at optimal capacity and that you get the best results out of your process.

  • 7. Full maintenance & spare parts

    RECOMILL provides full technical and spare part support for your system. We guarantee fast delivery of original spare parts, and our services range from plant productions optimization and different maintenance schemes to 24/7 remote monitoring service.

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