A one-stop-shopping solution to make your animal by-product recycling more sustainable and profitable.

A modular animal by-product recycling plant


Potential revenue in the meat production is lost unless by-products are recycled to valuable commodities. We can help you to utilize the by-products in a profitable way.

Turn your animal by-products into profits in a sustainable manner

With proper process know-how and technology, you can to turn your animal by-products into profit. This is actually a very natural development in the meat supply chain, since recycling processes happen in the nature all the time. RECOMILL plant rendering process will recycle the by-products in a controlled manner and adjust to fit in your production quantity and speed. In the RECOMILL plant, animal by-products are recycled ecologically into valuable raw materials: meat bone meal and fat.

Meat bone meal and fat are rated in the world markets, and they have buyers in many industries. Fertilizer industry utilizes the phosphorus and nitrogen in the meat bone meal, while the feed industry uses meat bone meal to produce animal feed, since it’s a good source of protein. Cosmetic industry uses fat for soaps and biofuel industry for biodiesel.

Selling the end products with world market price is what makes RECOMILL plant highly profitable. It’s simply money from waste, even though we prefer to use the word by-product.

Ecological and efficient process.

Our efficient and sophisticated rendering process has been tested in practice for several decades.

It produces ecologically and environmentally sustainable results.

High-quality end-products with world market prices.

RECOMILL plant produces valuable commodities that are in high demand in the world market. Revenue from production side streams complements the profitability of our solution.

Raw materials are quality-certified and produced under strict regulations. Export permits to even the most regulated countries are proof of the high-quality production.

RECOMILL + wasteWOIMA power plant = self-sufficiency in energy.

Profits from by-products

Take advantage from unutilized animal by-products by recycling them.

More ecological meat supply chain

Develop a more sustainable meat supply chain by adapting more circular economy technology into process.

Short pay-off time

Well designed plant concept with all the process know-how from one desk ensures super short pay-off time.

Full service from one desk.

We offer all the services and technology from feasibility study to technology delivery and life cycle services.

For your convenience, we provide all from one desk. To get started, order us a free pre-feasibility study with the form below.

Scalability from modular design

Small Plant

Capacity to handle 12,000 tons of animal by-products per year

Large Plant

Capacity to handle 40,000 tons of animal by-products per year

The typical pay off period for plant investment is approximately 3-4 years. The technical service life of a production plant is 20-25 years.

Investment process

We have made investing process easy and predictable. To get started, order us a free pre-feasibility study in which we do necessary calculations of your specific case. With that we ensure the viability of your investment.

After pre-feasibility study we conduct a complete feasibility study, which is a basis to negotiations. The whole process from feasibility study to plant commissioning lasts approximately 15–18 months. Order your free pre-feasibility study today!

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