Transforming wet biomasses and organic waste streams into valuable end-products. While protecting the environment.


Modernize your sludge treatment to extract significant value out of the waste streams

Hydro-Thermal Carbonization (HTC) is a waste-to-value technology specifically designed for the conversion of wet biomass with 75 to 90% moisture content, such as most sludge feedstocks, into valuable commodities. HTC transforms wet waste streams into hydro-char bearing a high calorific content and complemented with elevated levels of carbon and nutrient content. It is a much less energy-dependent solution than other waste drying techniques.

The carbon-neutral hydro-char replaces traditional fossil fuels in power generation thus reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It also works as a soil additive for nutrient enrichment, a plant nutrient enhancer because of its high phosphorus content or as an adsorbent or precursor for activated carbon.

Also, the liquid by-product can be used for fertilizing as it is loaded with potassium. The different biomasses suitable for feedstock are renewable and abundantly available.

The mobile RECOMILL HTC test plant

The mobile RECOMILL HTC Test Plant allows you to test the feasibility of the HTC process for your waste at your own site.


The RECOMILL HTC Plant fulfills your operational needs easily and cost-efficiently. Its modular structure supports projects from 1,000 tpa up to 100,000 tpa. It also adapts quickly to variations in waste stream quality and quantity.

RECOMILL HTCmill solution, elements, lower view

Scalability from modular design


Specialized solutions for individual needs.

RECOMILL Ecosystem

Combination of solutions for more efficiency.


Operation & maintenance for better life-cycle management.

Investment process

We have made investing process easy and predictable. To get started, order us a free pre-feasibility study in which we do necessary calculations of your specific case. With that we ensure the viability of your investment.

After pre-feasibility study we conduct a complete feasibility study, which is a basis to negotiations. The whole process from feasibility study to plant commissioning lasts approximately 15–18 months.

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