Wealth and sustainability from modular recycling ecosystem. Delivered for you.

For more sustainable societies

Process know-how + advanced recycling technologies adapted to economy = more wealthier and sustainable society.

RECOMILL Ecopark offers even more sustainability and efficiency to societies by combining advanced recycling technologies together. In the Ecopark circular economy solution, the waste from one operator is the raw material for another and no material or energy is wasted. Our decades-long experience in developing recycling processes and delivering large-scale plants abroad are the key factors in successful Ecopark deliveries.

RECOMILL Ecopark is built around energy-generating power solution and wealth-generating rendering solution. It adapts easily to your operational size, needs and processes delivering even more added value to the environment and society.

Adapting RECOMILL Ecopark to your economy helps the surrounding nature to recover and builds a constant revenue stream for society.

RECOMILL Ecopark is capable of recycling e.g. animal by-products, industrial and municipal waste streams, waste water, bio waste and odorous gases. In addition to fat and meat bone meal, it produces electricity, district heat and steam for the needs of all functions in the ecosystem. And a bit more.

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