Invest in highly profitable animal by-product recycling plant.



Potential revenue in the meat production is lost unless by-products are recycled to valuable commodities. We can help you to utilize the by-products in a profitable way.

Due to growing wealth of nations, more meat is produced than ever before.

Growing meat productions means growing animal by-product challenges. Many countries, mainly in the Europe, have already set strict regulations on animal by-product management due to environmental and health concerns. However, in most of the countries these by-products remain unregulated and unexploited. When processed properly, animal by-products offer great benefits in profitability and sustainability of the whole meat supply chain

Based on our 50 years of running and developing a highly profitable animal by-product rendering plant in Honkajoki, Finland, we are proud to introduce to you RECOMILL


RECOMILL is a modular animal by-product rendering factory that produces several highly valuable commodities:

  • organic fertilizer raw materials
  • animal feed raw materials
  • fat used for the manufacture of fuels
  • latent energy

The main commodities; fat and meat bone meal have world market prices. Naturally, they can also be utilized locally.

Why to invest on RECOMILL?

  • Fast pay-back time. Typically only 3–4 years.
  • Huge business potential, especially in developing countries.
  • One-stop-shopping: all services and deliveries from one supplier.
  • 50 years of experience in running and developing rendering plants.
  • Experience in dozens of international medium-to-large scale plant deliveries.

We are first in the world to offer the whole package:

  • Feasibility study and pre-engineering
  • Plant technology or turn-key deliveries
  • Process know-how
  • Training of operations
  • Commissioning of the plant
  • Customer technical support
  • Remote monitoring and support for plant operation
  • Maintenance services
  • Spare parts
  • Support in financing
  • Support in end product sales

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